EEZ-CSIC Latest Publications

Biodegradation of high doses of commercial pesticide products in pilot-scale biobeds using olive-oil agroindustry wastes
Journal of Environmental Management 204, 160-169 (2017)
Delgado-Moreno, L., Nogales, R., Romero, E.

The Reverse Transcriptases Associated with CRISPR-Cas Systems
Scientific Reports 7(1),7828 (2017)
Toro, N., Martínez-Abarca, F., González-Delgado, A.

Naphthalene biodegradation under oxygen-limiting conditions: community dynamics and the relevance of biofilm-forming capacity
Microbial Biotechnology 10, 1781-1796 (2017)
Martirani-Von Abercron, S.-M., Marín, P., Solsona-Ferraz, M., Castañeda-Cataña, M.-A., Marqués, S.

Transcriptomic analysis reveals the importance of JA-Ile turnover in the response of Arabidopsis plants to plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and salinity
Environmental and Experimental Botany 143, 10-19 (2017)
Erice, G., Ruíz-Lozano, J.M., Zamarreño, Á.M., García-Mina, J.M., Aroca, R.

Nutritive evaluation and milk quality of including of tomato or olive by-products silages with sunflower oil in the diet of dairy goats
Animal Feed Science and Technology 232, 57-70 (2017)
Arco-Pérez, A., Ramos-Morales, E., Yáñez-Ruiz, D.R., Abecia, L., Martín-García, A.I.

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